The Lines were Drawn

August 1914

August 4, War is declared by the British Parliament, Canada is automatically at War. On August 6, the Canadian Militia is mobilized and recruiting begins for active service overseas and home defense.

The Lines were Drawn

September 1914

Over 32,000 men and women from across Canada are recruited for the First Canadian Contingent. The place of this mobilization takes place at Val Cartier, Quebec.

The Lines were Drawn

October 1914

The First Canadian Contingent 30, 261 strong sails from Gaspe Bay in 33 ships for England. They arrive ten days later at Plymouth England. They take up quarters on the Salisbury Plain.

The Lines were Drawn

November 1914

Four Canadian Midshipmen of the Royal Canadian Navy on loan to the Royal Navy are killed at the Battle of Coronel. A call for 30,000 more soldiers to be raised in Canada for overseas service. The first Canadian unit; the #2 Canadian Stationary Hospital arrives in France.

The Lines were Drawn

December 1914

The Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry as part of the British 27th Division arrives in France.

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The Great War 1914-1918

Thousands of Canadian men and women were called upon to contribute to the effort required for the First World War, an event that transformed our nation, culture, economy, and identity.

619,636 enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, with approximately 424,000 of those serving overseas. 59,544 died during the war - 51,748 of them as a result of enemy action.

This web site will be a memorial to those Canadians that gave their lives during World War I.